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I didn’t think it was possible to claim intellectual rights to ‘nothing’…see also: Seinfeld, Mary Ellen Carrol, Joseph Kosuth, Gustav Metzger, John Cage, Yves Klein, etc…

As fearless and tough as she is seductive and passionate, iconic performance artist Marina Abramović has spent more than forty years challenging audiences with her work. And with Matthew Aker’s new documentary, Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present, we’re dropped into Abramović’s world, allowing us to bare witness to the evolution of her radical career and the myriad sides to Abramović that make her work so intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Known for pushing her mind and body to the limits of human experience, Marina has carved a name for herself in art history, provoking audiences and redefining word the “art” itself. 
The Artist is Present, which premieres on HBO next week, follows Abramović as she prepares for her most impressive work to date: a retrospective at MoMA and performance in which she sat for three months—day in and day out—at a small table in the museum’s atrium, as people came from around the world to sit across from her. Just as the film showcases the ways in which Abramović’s life blurs the lines between reality and performance, the film itself muddies it’s own lines between documentary and art film—creating a beautiful journey through the life of one of the world’s most astounding living artists.


The Life & Death of Marina Abramovic
Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic, Antony, Willem Dafoe
9 – 16 July 2011, The Lowry

Franco Faces Abramović At MoMA - Gothamist
The Anxiety of Influence – BOMBLog
Performance artist, Anya Liftig, sat across from Marina Abramovic for a marathon session as part of Abramovic’s performance at MoMA, titled, “The Artist Is Present”. The link goes to an interview with LIftig.