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AvX: Vs. #6 - “Verbal Abuse” (2012)

written by Brian Michael Bendis
art by Jim Mahfood


 Simone Bianchi gsllery

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8-bit pixel gifs by dusan cezek animate famous movie moments + comicsslovakia-based artist dusan cezek has chosen famous movie moments and comic book characters as the subjects of his 8-bit pixel gifs. the ‘pixelwood’ series animates celebrated film scenes from ‘the big lebowski’, ‘fight club’ and ‘pulp fiction’ — to name a few — while the collection of ‘pixelomics’ brings comic book personalities like superman and wolverine to life. colors most representative of each movie and superhero serve as the backdrop for the digital vignettes, while props and costumes typical to the scene set the tone of the gif.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, ramonvillalobos.
Your very first sneak peek at his inks for What If Age of Ultron #2, featuring the reunion of the New Fantastic Four, decades after a Tony Stark-less Armor Wars scorched the Earth.
The entire issue is on a 16-panel grid and Ramon’s absolutely killing it. 
And yes, Hulk’s a Shaolin monk now. 
And yes, Wolverine is kinda dressed like someone I may run a Tumblr about.
And yes, Spider-Man’s costume is comprised of various costumes because he can’t find his old one anymore.
And no, you haven’t seen this Ghost Rider before. 

Awww thanks Joe.

Looking good!

The secret dies with me.


Variant Covers Steampunk

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This is what happens when you stop relying on Santa. More Truth Serum comics here: http://citycyclops.com/comics.php
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Comic Con NYC, Javitz Center, New York, 2013.

Daredevil #232 by David Mazzucchelli


Women Of DC Comics // artwork by Lorena Carvalho (2013)

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Poison Ivy by VVernacatola